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Ovoid Sewer Aqueduct photos

Ovoid Sewer Aqueduct, Geelong for Barwon Water

Photographic Archival Survey & 3D Documentation - Stage 1
Six month timelapse from 2 positions - Stage 2, 2022

Client: Barwon Water
Location: Geelong, Victoria
Completed: Stage 1 September 2021

Barwon Water has elected to remove two spans of the 1920’s Ovoid Sewer Aqueduct to allow the public access to recreation on the Barwon river. The Ovoid Sewer Aqueduct has become unsafe as large lumps of concrete have been falling off this Heritage listed structure noted to be one of the first steel reinforced concrete attempts in Australia.

Glasshouse provided a traditional Archival Photographic Survey, including drone photography and a full 3D documentation of the entire 800 meter long structure to meet Heritage Victoria’s 2019 technical note for photographing buildings and objects.

Richmond Maltings photos

Richmond Maltings

3D heritage documentation and website

Client: Lovell Chen Heritage Architects
Location: Cremeorne, Victoria
Completed: July 2017

Recognised by all Melbournians for the famous neon Nylex sign, the Richmond Maltings is an irregular and large conglomerate of buildings in the heart of Melbourne. The sign however, took attention away from a messy complex of twelve derelict industrial buildings covering 1.1 hectares that required extensive documentation before the developers could begin to realise their intentions for the valuable and iconic site.

This architectural confusion was the main challenge to providing the heritage advisors with documentation that would make sense. Glasshouse created a virtual archive of over 55 photosphere nodes, capturing the nuances of the buildings and assisting future visitors to the archive to make sense of the unusual geography of the site.

The Hollies photos

‘The Hollies’ - Drouin

Heritage Interpretations, Full Heritage Photographic Archival Survey and Documentation

Client: Middle Hill Projects
Location: Drouin, Australia
Completed: March 2021

Glasshouse Creative Media undertook a full heritage documentation to meet local council heritage requirements prior to the development of the site.

The Hollies homestead had fallen into disrepair when Glasshouse was commissioned to undertake a full Heritage Survey of the property. This project included photographic documentation, aerial survey, 3D mapping and 3D architectural rendering.

Glasshouse provided the client with a historical and architectural interpretive report and interpretive signage to satisfy the local council requirements for development to proceed.

General Post Office Adelaide photos

General Post Office (GPO) Adelaide

Heritage Photographic Archival Survey

Client: The Greaton Group
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Completed: January 2020

Glasshouse Creative Media provided a traditional Archival Photographic Survey for the landmark GPO in the centre of Adelaide. A significant example of Australian colonial architecture, the building was constructed in 1872. The GPO included an interesting mix of ornate public spaces and a labyrinth of more mundane administrative rooms.

A complex building like this required over 750 images including all the walls and the details of the ornate decorative features. The Victoria Tower was a pleasure to document the spectacular stairwell is featured (below). The project required two days on site to create and Glasshouse delivered on time and on budget.

Morwell Power Station & Briquette Factories photos

Morwell Power Station & Briquette Factories

2D & 3D Heritage Photographic Archival Surveys and Oral Histories

Client: Energy Brix Australia
Location: Morwell, Victoria
Completed: September 2018

Morwell Power Station and Briquette Factories, a 50+ hectare site, in the heart of Victoria’s Latrobe Valley provided fuel and power to the state for over 70 years. Now decommissioned, Energy Brix Australia Corporation (EBAC), sought permissions to demolish the main power station buildings. Before this could occur, EBAC needed to satisfy the guidelines set by Heritage Victoria. EBAC approached Glasshouse Creative Media because of our reputation of pioneering contemporary methods of heritage documentation and being able to handle challenging industrial sites.

Heritage Victoria requested the entire site be documented with traditional 2D photography, and in 3D using contemporary video and aerial imagery, Unlike the traditional 2D documentation that will be archived, the resulting 3D Virtual Tour is now available around the world as a web-based site.

One of the highlights of this project was the associated audio recordings and portraits of the five men whose careers were made in the Latrobe Valley and with the State Electricity Commission.

ANU heritage photos

‘A Shed in a Paddock’ – The Beginnings of Our ANU

Virtual Tour Guide App

Client: Australian National University
Location: Canberra, ACT
Completed: August 2015

Known as ‘A shed in a Paddock’ to the small community of the 1950’2, the beginning of the Australian National University was a humble affair. Temporary buildings that housed Nobel laureates, the designers of the ANU campus, and the first ANU Council were finally demolished ion 2015.

The interpretative challenge was to preserve the astonishing achievements made in these unassuming temporary buildings for a contemporary audience of ANU students.

Glasshouse Creative Media with the ANU heritage team, conceptualised bringing audience into an experience of ‘intimacy without proximity’. While the buildings are gone, the virtual lives of the past contributors to the university remain in the digital world to be investigated and rediscovered on your handheld device. Available in IOS and Android, the ‘Shed in a Paddock’ – The History of Our ANU’ has had over 3,600 downloads in the first 18 months.